Type: Bounding APERS, Fragmentation
Weight: 2,94 kilo
Diameter: 104 mm
Height: 243 mm w/fuze
Main Charge: 153 gram TNT
Booster Charge: 17 gram Tetryl
Fuze: M6A1 combination fuze
Triggers: Pressure prongs or tripwire
Triggering Action: Pressure-3,6 kilo, Tripwire-1,3 kilo
Bounding Height: 182 to 274 cm
Specific Hazards: Blast and fragmentation
Danger Area: Lethal-50m, Casualty-100m
Construction: Metal

This is a bounding type fragmentation mine. When pressure is applied to the prongs or the tripwire the firing pin is released to strike the percussion cap initiating the firing chain. A small charge propelles a projectile into the air to a hight of 6 to 9 feet where it detonates scattering fragments in all directions. The projectile is a modified 60mm mortar bomb.

The photo on the right shows two live versions and a dummy.
I'm very sorry, forgot who provided this photo.

Practice version of the a1 model :

M2A3 :

All drawings I could find :

FM-5 31 Landmines and Boobytraps :