The M67 and M72 AP scatmines are wedge-shaped and dispensed from an ADAM projectile, which is a special 155-millimeter artillery munition.
Each mine weighs 540 grams and is 7 centimeters high.
The M692-M731 Area Denial Artillery Munitions (ADAM) projectiles are similar ballistic to the M483A1 (DPICM), base-ejection, payload carriers that deliver anti-personnel mines onto a target area. Both projectiles contain 36 anti-personnel mines.
The M692 contains M67 mines with greater than 24-hour self-destruct time (SD) and the M731 contains M72 mines with less than 24-hour self-destruct times.
If enemy formations disturb the mine, pull a trip wire or if the SD time expires, a liquid propellant under the kill mechanism ignites, propelling a grenade into the air where it detonates at two to eight feet above ground.

Source: Field Artillery , December 1987 FM 20-32 Mine countermine operations , 2001