Type: Off-route AT rocket
Weight: Kit-8,1 kilo, Rocket-4 kilo
Length: 61 cm (rocket)
Height: 89 mm (rocket)
Main Charge: 850 gram of Composition B
Fuze: M61 demolition firing device
Triggers: M24-pressure, M66-seismic
Range: 30 m

This mine consists of a M143 plastic rocket launcher tube, a M28A2 HEAT rocket, a M61 demolition firing device, and a M2 pressure actuated discriminating tapeswitch. The tapeswitch is laid across the road and the rocket is set up to 30 m away. The rocket is sighted along the tapeswitch and when a vehicle runs over the tapeswitch a circuit is completed firing the rocket. Instead of a tapeswitch the M66 version of this mine uses a seismic sensor that detects the vibrations of a heavy vehicle passing nearby.
The US Army has retired this mine for general use in favor of new off-route mines being developed. It may still be used by our allies who have purchased them as surplus.