Type: Anti-Tank, shaped charge
Weight: 7,9 kilo
Diameter: 231 mm
Height: 205mm w/fuze, 812mm w/tilt rod
Main Charge: 4,9 kilo of Composition H6
Booster Charge: 11 gram RDX
Fuze: M607
Anti-Handling Fuze Wells:
Triggers: Tilt rod or pressure
Triggering Pressure: Pressure-131,5 kilo, Tilt rod-1,7 kilo of pressure and tilting the rod at least 20 deg.
Construction: Sheet metal

This mine is circular in shape, constructed of sheet metal, and has a adjustable carrying strap on the side. The M607 fuze protrudes from the top. This mechanical fuze can either be used with or without a tilt rod. Without the tilt rod it functions as a normal pressure fuze. Once the fuze is triggered it releases a firing pin which is driven into the M46 detonator which in turn sets off a small black powder charge. This charge blows off the top of the mine exposing a convex steel plate and also drives another firing pin into a M42 primer which in turn fires the main charge. The main charge blows the body apart and blasts the steel plate upwards through the belly armor of the tank. Unlike most anti-tank mines this mine can actually kill a tank instead of just disabling it. Tripwires could possibly be attached to the rod allowing the mine to be used in a APERS role.
Both photos below © Brian.

These are training mines, the right one has a tilt-rod attached.