Type: Anti-Tank, blast
Weight: 12,5 kilo
Length: 332mm
Width: 332mm
Height: 94mm
Main Charge: 9,5 kilo of Composition B
Booster Charge: 51 gram of RDX
Fuze: M606
Anti-Handling Fuze Wells: 1 on bottom, 1 on side
Triggers: Pressure
Triggering Pressure: 136 kilo
Construction: Plastic

This is a square, non-metallic, blast type mine with a carrying handle on one side. The fuze well for a M606 mechanical pressure fuze is in the center of the mine and there are 2 anti-lifting fuze wells, 1 on the side and 1 on the bottom. This mine is waterproof and can be laid on river beds.

This mine got copied exactly by the Iranian army.

Scan thanks to R. van Doorn.