Type: Anti-Tank, blast
Weight: 14,2 kilo
Diameter: 336 mm
Height: 124 mm
Main Charge: 10,31 kilo of Composition B
Booster Charge: 11,3 gram of RDX
Fuze: M603 or M608
Anti-Handling Fuze Wells: 1 on bottom, 1 on side
Triggers: Pressure
Triggering Pressure: 158 kilo
Construction: Sheet metal

This is a blast type AT mine. It is constructed of sheet metal with a folding lifting handle along the bottom edge. The single fuze well is located in the top center of the mine and there are 2 anti-lifting fuze wells, one on the bottom and one on the side. The fuze is the mechanical type, pressure on the fuze causes a spring loaded firing pin to be released which detonates the mine. A arming dial is located on top of the fuze assembly.