Type: APERS, blast
Weight: 99,4 gram (with fuze)
Diameter: 55,8 mm
Height: 43,1 mm
Main Charge: 28,3 gram Tetryl of Composition B
Fuze: M46 detonator
Triggers: Pressure plate
Triggering Pressure: 9 kilo
Specific Hazards: Blast
Danger Area: Lethal-1m, Casualty-25m
Construction: Plastic with a few metal parts

This is a very small blast type "toe popper" mine. It is designed to maim and not kill. The body is constructed of plastic but it has a steel firing pin. When pressure is applied to the pressure plate the spring loaded firing pin is released to strike the cap firing the mine. Before use the M46 detonator is installed in the bottom of the mine, a U shaped safety clip is removed, and the pressure plate is turned to the armed position. A yellow arrow and a letter A for armed and S for safe are on top of the mine to indicate the mines status.

M14E1 Micha.