If you like the information on my website, make sure you check the links below as well.
These websites are well detailled on grenades and other explosive devices.
Got a good link? Let me know!

Click on the images to visit the pages.

B.O.C.N :

British Ordnance Collectors Network.
Fantastic forum on all ww2 types of ammunition, all nations. Great job Allan and Dave!
Great network of collectors, eod and other enthusiasts helping eachother sharing information and thoughts.
If you have any good photos, drawings or comments, spam them
Easy login, well moderated.
See you there!

Paul Spence :

Great collection of grenades from ww1 & 2.
Paul actually hás those things that he shows, unlike lex...
Well done Paul!

Check his grenades collection on

Dave Sampson :

Huge collection of Mills grenades , SOE-equipment and German bomb fuzes.
All you ever wanted to know on Mills grenades, and some very nice other items.

Good work Dave, I've ripped a lot of photos off your site!

Darryl Lynn :

Darryl Lynn's website covers some of the most interesting countries.
Nice colour pictures, but must recommend his books TGRM vol1(US) & 2(Brit&Comm).
The third TGRM vol3(Warsaw-pact) is out now. GET IT.

Jhonni's ammunition diagrams :

Check out Jhonni's new page where he has collected all the diagrams that he made.
Very well drawn, he doesn't seem to forget any detail, very nice!

J.P. Tisseron :

Jean-Pierre Tisserons' workshop makes about the best quality repros out of resin product.
Grenades, weapons, mannequins, explosive charges, you name it.
JP has a great eye for detail, see this at his skyblog by clicking on the image.

15 pages of great reproductions!

J-Mi :

This French website holds a FANTASTIC PHOTO COLLECTION of ammuntion crates and cases used by the German army.
Very good photos on in- and outsides of metal, cardboard, bakelite and wooden packings.

Keep up the good work J-Mi!

Dug up :

Jay and Paul, on the net with their shop of antique collectibles and quality reproductions.
Check out their website, or visit them on fairs throughout Europe.

German Flareguns of WW2

Nice and informative website about German WW2 flare pistol types, ammunition and accessoiries.
Good job by Bruno, who is looking for more information on pistols used by the Germans.

Russian website on ammunition with some good photos.
Russian language.

WK2 ammo :

A very nice forum on ammunition on the net. Go and see for yourself.
Numerous topics and all the replies from collectors and enthusiasts, German/English.

Giovanni Lafirenze :

Giovanni has a very nice website about his Bomb Disposal job in Italy.
Check out his pages full of nice photos and information.

Eric :

Check out this website about mines and mine-signs.
Eric has made some pages with very good information and photos. Well worth the visit!