Length w/fuze : 117mm
Length w/o fuze : 75mm
Diameter : 58mm.
Total weight : 320gram
Filling : 110gram TNT
Delay : 3-4seconds
Effective radius : 25meter

Both halves of the grenade body are fitted with a fragmentation cup.
These are fixed in the body with the sharp indents around the centre.

Grenades are transported without fuzes.
Bodies were plugged and fuzes packed seperately.

Body markings should be able to tell where (which country) the grenade was made, but I don't have information about that.
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Photo on the right © Cory.


Practice grenade Cory :

Throwing dummies Cory :


American imitation :

The RGD-5 shown on the right is a modern copy made in the US to train troops in recognizing foreign material.
Fot the same instruction, an
F1 copy was used as well.