Rutschnaia Granata Djagonow 33

This grenade was issued as a defensive grenade, but could easily be turned into an offensive grenade by removing the fragmentation sleeve. The primer/detonator tube had to be inserted before use.

The strikerpin was cocked by pulling the handle and secured by a safety switch that held the handle in this position.

When the user released the switch, the whole handle would go forward and the strikerpin would hit the primer.
This would fire a 3-4 seconds delay, and the grenade was thrown. Shrapnel would end up to about 100meter.

Total length : 190mm
Length body : 70mm
Diameter : 45mm (52mm*)
Weight : 500gram (750gram*)
Filling : 85gram
(*)= with frag sleeve

In German service, this grenade carried the German designation "Handgranate 337 (r)"

Photos below and right © Dr. Ruby.

The right grenade on the photo below is the practice version of the RGD-33.

The photo right shows the inside of the head with the explosives removed.
Like the
RG42, this grenade has the internal coiled fragmentation liner as well.
Together with the removable frag sleeve this grenade produces a lot of shrapnel.


Detonator assembly :

Detonator in place :