Ruchnaja Granata 42

Defensive grenade made of thin sheet steel.
It held a spring wound fragmentation sleeve on the inside.
It used the same UZRG or UZRGM-fuze as used on the F1.

Shrapnell would end up to 25meters.

Total length: 125mm , Length body: 71mm
Diameter: 55mm.
Weight: 435gram , Filling: 119gram TNT

Delay: 3,2 - 4,2seconds.

Photos © Cory.



with frag sleeve

Variation :

The four diffent types below are in my own collection. More different forms exist.
Fuze (transport) plugs exist in wood, bakelite and asphalt.

These are all ww2 production.

I believe these grenade are still manufactured, in many forms.

German Instruction Plate