This stickgrenade was a product from the Russo-Japanese war. It was first used in the conflict near Mukdenom. It was studied by the British resulting in the development of the No.1 Mk1. Lishin was the name of the inventor.

lenght with stick - 635mm
lenght without stick - 140mm
diameter - 35mm
diameter of fragmentation ring - 50mm
Total weight: 800gram , Filling: 200gram.

The protective cap is missing on the photos, the stick is a modern replacement. The grenade seems to be a variant on this "Lishin" grenade.

As seen on the photo right, there appears to be a similar type with a less-segmented body.
This could be an earlier (first?) type or maybe a local improvisation.
The transport-cap is in place.

lenght with stick - 615mm
lenght without stick - 120mm
diameter - 40mm
diameter of fragmentation ring - 55mm

Photos © Piotr.