This model has been in Russian use since 1914. During the years it changed fuze mechanisms but the body remained almost the same. It has a cast iron body, pre-fragmentated on the outside. early production had a filling hole in the base and looks very similar to the French F1.
Several fuzes were used, but mainly "Koveshnikov" and "UZRG/UZRGM".

Total length: 125mm
Length body: 85mm
Diameter: 55mm
Weight: 600gram
Filling: 60gram

The earliest type were direct copies of the French F1, and had a filler plug in the base.
Difference with the French grenade could be found in markings, like the one shown below.

The photo on the right © Riefler
. This is the original paint.

The 6 photos below © Paul (USSR).



(Diagram above ©

Photo right © Cory.
Old F1 with UZRG fuze.

Below: 3 types of stiker mechanisms. L to R: Koveshnikov, UZRG, UZRGM.

The 2 pictures on the left © Paul (USSR)