The head of this stickgrenade looks a lot like the swiss model42, as the heads of several grenades can be put together by the threaded base and top. It has a wooden stick which held a percussion fuze and a mechanism to align the striker which was held to the side, away from the primer. A cast fragmented sleeve would fit over the body to make it a defensive grenade. The blue stripes indicate a training grenade.

Total length: 194mm, Body length: 76mm, Body diameter: 48mm.
Total weight: 310gram including 134gram TNT.
Delay: 3.5-4.5 seconds.

More info can be found HERE , thanks to Tibor.

See Tibor's page : http://militiahungarorum.extra.hu/1920_f_k_ga_k_2.html (Hungarian language, great photos)