This offensive grenade was made of this sheet steel and had an impact fuze.
After pulling the safety, the top of the grenade would unscrew during flight, releasing the strikerpin that would go in position.
On impact, the striker pin was driven into the primer and the grenade would detonate immediately.
If the grenade failed to explode, the mechanism had a function to block the strikerpin so it couldn't reach the primer anymore.

Live grenades are marked with three red rings around the body, the practice grenade had three blue bands around the body.

Photo below © Tamás.
It shows another version of the top of the grenade, which is made in the same matter as the Swiss version of this grenade. The leather tab is marked "D" for Danuvia.

Werner got me the information that the 36M is originally a Hungarian design, which also got produced under license by MFA
( Munitionsfabrik Altdorf ) in Switzerland.
This production was for the Swiss Army only.

See Tibor's page : http://militiahungarorum.extra.hu/1920_f_k_ga_k_6.html (Hungarian language, great photos)