This grenade was produced in 1991 in the factory "TTM-TTS" in Sisak,Croatia. The first matrix for this grenade was made in a small private gun workshop "Jelen" in Turopolje, Croatia.
The production was going very slow so it was decided to move the production to factory TTM-TTS who had the technology for making grenade bodies from cast iron.
Daily production was about 400 grenades. The body of the grenade was made from two pieces of cast iron,which were brazed together.The grenade body had internal fragmentation like Yugoslavian
M52 grenades.

The grenade existed in two types:TTM 1(early type) and TTM 2(late type).

-TTM 1 (scan on the right) had a small metal cap screwed at the body of the grenade with the hole 6 mm in diameter for the fuze. The fuze was slow-burning pyrotechnical fuze with detonator No 8.
-TTM 2(late type) had a screw nut screwed to the grenade body.That screw nut had from internal side a hole with thread for screwing the fuze.The fuze was practice M75 grenade fuze,but with improvised detonator(the same as used on
JASKANKA 2 and JASKANKA 3 grenades).
Both types of TTM grenade were filled with Amonal or Vitezit.
Grenades were originally painted in glossy black colour.The production of TTM grenade stopped at the end of 1991.

Dimensions of TTM-2 grenade:

Total length : 110 mm
Diameter : 58 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : 100 grams of Amonal or Vitezit or TNT
Fuze delay : 3,5-4,5 seconds

Photos of TTM-2 and information © Goran.