The second type of grenade that was made by the Plamen factory was RB LJEVAONIČKA 2.
The production of
RB LJEVAONICKA 1 and RB LJEVAONIČKA 2 was going at the same time.
RB LJEVAONIČKA 2 was made using bottom parts for coal pits.
The factory had large quantity of that bottom parts for coal pits on its depot.

The body for RB LJEVAONIČKA 2 was made using two semicircular bottom parts for coal pit, which were welded together. You can even see cast markings RŠK-125-3 on upper and on bottom side of the grenadebody. Those markings were the factory's acronym for "REŠETKA KIŠNA" what means "coal pit" and the number is type of the coal pit.
The walls of the body were 5 milimeters thick. The hole in the bottom half of the grenade body was welded shut.
Grenades were filled with Vitezit through the hole in the upper half.

After filling with Vitezit, a small wooden stick was pushed into the grenade to form the cavity for the detonator.
The fuze was 10 cm long pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze with detonator No. 8 crimped onto it.
The connection between the fuze and the grenade body was protected from damp with wax or with tape.

RB LJEVAONIČKA 2 grenades were painted in the factory in black semi-gloss colour.

Body length : 100 mm
Diametar : 71 mm
Weight :
Filling : 110 grams of Vitezit
Fuze delay : 10 seconds

Photos and information © Goran.