Produced by the factory PLAMEN in the Croatian city of Požega, during the war in 1991.
This is one of the first grenades produced for Croatian army in this conflict.
PLAMEN produced pipes and radiators before the war, and these grenades were made using parts for radiator pipes which were screwed with two metal caps on pipe ends.
One cap was drilled for slow-burning pyrotechnic fuze with detonator and grenade was filled with mixture of explosive Vitezit with small iron fragments added for better fragmentation. The body was painted into matt red anti-oxidant colour.

Total length : 100 mm
Diamater : 50 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : 50-60 gram Vitezit mixed with small iron fragments
Fuze delay : 6-7 seconds
Material : steel

Photos and info © Goran.