This fragmentation grenade was a modernized variant of the M-75 defensive grenade.

The M-93 defensive grenades were produced by two factories, SRB(SLAVKO RODIĆ BUGOJNO)-factory in Bosnia and the PLASTIKA-factory in Zagreb,Croatia which was the same factory that made the
BIM grenades.
Before 1991, the Plastika factory produced civil plastic products, SRB produced the
M-75 for the Yugoslavian people's army.

During the war, PLASTIKA started producing the M-93 for the Croatian army after getting experienced with making BIM grenades.

The SRB-factory in the city of Bugojno was under the command of Bosnian army during the war.
They started producing the M-93 grenades from the molds of the
M-75 but to simplify production, the steel balls were replaced by a liner made of steel wire which was cut every 3 mm.

Photos © Cory.

Bosnian left, Croatian right.

A change in fuze mechanism was made as well to ease the production using practice MAH M-62 fuzes, but with "live" detonators.
Production-lines of the Bosnian factory also were
M-75 fuzes and practice MAH M-62 fuzes of which there were existing stocks available.

To make the alternative fuze be able to fit, grenade bodies were cut with the same threads as the fuze, which is in reverse.
M-75 fuzes that were made for the M52P3 could be used as well, as this was also a reverse threaded fuze.

Photo right shows a Bosnian M-93 with the reverse-threaded M-75 fuze and steel-wire fragmentation liner.




Length :
Diameter :
Weight : unknown
Internal fragmentation liner : steel balls
Filling : 45 gram of plastic explosive
Markings on the body : BR-M93
Fuze : classic M-75 fuze
Type of the thread on the grenade's body : normal R/H


Length : 90mm
Diametar : 53mm
Weight : 360gram
Filling : 38 gram of PEP-500
Markings on the body : BR,M93
Fuze : percussion MAH M-62 with detonator or classic M-75 fuze or M/75 fuze with reverse thread.
Type of the thread on the grenade's body : reverse


All information provided by Goran.