1st type :

The first type of M-91 grenade was made in Croatia in 1991, using the yugoslavian M75 grenade for the M91 mould.
Over the markings on M75 grenade body new croatian markings were imprinted in the plastic, so the markings on all M91 grenades produced from this mould look pretty rough.
New markings are "RB-M91" on one side and "V3-9100" on the other side of the grenade body.
It has the internal steel balls liner. The fuze for M91 was also croatian made using M75 grenade fuze as a base for the mould.
M91 grenades have cadmium plated steel levers in the same shape as the older type of M75 levers without any markings.
This grenade has the same detonator as BIM grenade, and filling of 38 grams of Vitezit V20 explosive.
The croatian engineers also made a plastic transportation can for M91 grenade which is the exact copy of M75's plastic transportation can, but it has no markings printed on it.

Total length:89 mm
Diameter:57 mm
Weight:355 grams
Filling:38 grams of Vitezit V20
Fuze delay:3,5-4,5 seconds

All photos and information © Goran.

2nd type :

This second type of M91 grenade was made by factory ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ in Đakovo, Croatia in 1991.
It was made of some kind of black plastic, probably PVC, with markings "BR-M91".
The lever has markings stamped on it's top: RB-M93 AL 5/93.
Possibly this fuze type was originally for the
The body of the grenade has internal liner made of red coloured plastic with steel balls, and a filling of 38 grams of Vitezit V20 explosive.The steel lever is protected against rust with gun-metal coating, and the safety pin by cadmium coating.

Total lenght : 90 mm
Diameter : 55 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : 38 grams of Vitezit V20
Fuze delay : 3,5-4,5 seconds