The first type called "Škveranka 1" was made in the first half of 1991.
It was made from a steel tube, externally fragmented with square-shaped fragments.
The steel cover was screwed into the body of the grenade and has a hole in the center for pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze and detonator No.8
It was filled with Vitezit at the beginning, later production was filled with TNT.
Production was at the
former shipyard BRODOGRAĐEVNA INDUSTRIJA (BIS) in Split,Croatia.

There were no standard dimensions for the body of this grenade, as the factory produced steel pipes of various diameter.
External diameter varied from 40 to 70 mm and length varied from 70 to 130 mm.
That means that also explosive filling varied in grams from one to other "Škveranka" grenade , also weight of the grenade varied.

It was produced in 3 shifts fulltime, and immediately transported from the factory to the first lines of battlefield.
Many of those grenades type "Škveranka 1" were unpainted,but later production of "Škveranka 1", "Škveranka 2" and "Škveranka 3" were painted in glossy black colour in the factory.

The main difference between three types of "Škveranka" grenade were just in the type of the fuze used:

-"Škveranka 1" had a slow-burning pyrotechnical fuze with detonator on the end of the fuze. There were two versions with normal pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze and later production of this type with improvised friction head taped at the top of slow-burning pyrotechnical fuze.
-"Škveranka 2" had an improvised percussion fuze made of yugoslavian practice fuze
MAH PU M62. The top of the fuze was originally ex-Yugoslavian MAH PU M62, but plastic tube with black powder at the end of the fuze was replaced with detonator No 8.
-"Škveranka 3" had Croatian made copy of classic M75 grenade fuze, which was the same but with a steel spoon without any markings on its top (markings in the form of 4 digit black number on the fuze spoon top are only on Yugoslavian pre-war made grenades).

Dimensions of the grenade on Goran's photos :

Total length : 110 mm
Diameter : 43 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : 100 gram of Vitezit
Fuze delay : 10-12 seconds