This JASKANKA was also produced the factory PROGRES in 1991 for Croatian army.
It was made of steel pipe, but longer then the
JASKANKA 1, and the fuze was improvised from the practice fuze for yugoslavian grenade M-75.
At the time of this production, the Croatian army had large amounts of practice grenade fuzes for
M-75 grenade which were confiscated after surrender of Yugoslavian people's army military bases located in Croatia in 1991.
In the Croatian factories, they removed the black powder tube from the practice fuze for
M-75 grenade, and instead of that, they fitted a detonator. This was a very effective improvisation.

This grenade has larger explosive filling than the JASKANKA 1, and was more fragmented.
All of these grenades were originally painted in gloss navy blue or gloss black colour, because the factory was using these two colours before the war for painting tractors and machines produced in it, so they had large amounts of that paint.

Total length : 130 mm
Diameter : 50 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : 130 gram of Amonal
Fuze delay : 4-5 seconds

Photos and information © Goran.