This fragmentation grenade was produced in 1991 in the factory ŽELJEZARA in city of Sisak,Croatia.
This factory was one of the biggest croatian iron and steel production plants, so it had all iron and steel-working machinery and large stores of steel pipes which could be used as material for production of grenades.
The grenade was made using steel pipes which were welded shut on both sides. On the top side, the drilled hole was internally threaded to accept a blind-cap as normally used for plumbing. These iron caps have a drilled hole of 6 mm in diameter for the pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze and detonator No.8.

Grenades can be found with various length of pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze, from 15 to 3 cm, which means that delay varied from 15 to 3 seconds. The explosive filler was Vitezit, around 100 grams.
These grenades were standard in diameter, but the length of the body varied because the production was going fast, and all esthetic details were omitted. Sisak was on the first line of the battlefield, and it was practiclly surrounded from three sides with serbian soldiers and under constant serbian shelling.

On some of these grenades the welded parts were grinded very precisly, but most of them can be found without any precise processing.
It was produced in 3 shifts fulltime at high speed. The grenade can be found painted in bronze-green or in black colour.

Photos and information © Goran.

Dimensions of the green painted grenade :
Total length : 122 mm
Diameter : 47 mm
Weight :
Filling : 100 grams of Vitezit
Dimensions of the black painted grenade :
Total length : 128 mm
Diameter : 47 mm
Weight :
Filling : 110 grams of Vitezit