This grenade is NOT the common ex-Yugoslavian M-75, NOT made by factory SRB.
It's a Croatian copy of M-75 grenade made at the beginning of the war in 1991.
The Croatian army decided to start producing exact copy of M-75 grenade for own use after they had acquired experience in making plastic grenades(such as
BIM grenades), and after they had adjusted production programs from civil to military in croatian factories.

They used the body of a yugoslavian made M-75 grenade to make a mould for this grenade.
Even the markings were preserved when the mould was made, so this grenade has the same cyrillic markings bowed in plastic on its body as the yugoslavian M-75 made in SRB factory.

This was made probably because croatian soldiers didn't prefer to use croatian made grenades(they were usually unsafe to use because they had been produced without detail testing and they had caused many accidents in croatian troops).

As the original yugoslavian made M-75 grenade was one of the most prestigious grenades amongst croatian soldiers because of it's reliability, engineers made the exact copy of M75.
Even the same explosive filling was used(yugoslavian made plastic explosive PEP-500) as in the original M-75 grenade.

Large quantities of that explosive had been confiscated after surrender of Yugoslavian people's army military bases located in Croatia in 1991, so it was transported in factories for filling the croatian copy of M-75 grenade.
This croatian copy of M75 even has the same number of steel balls in internal liner.
The detonator of yugoslavian made M-75 grenade was the most complicated part to copy but that was also done.
This croatian made grenade is simply named M-75, just as it's original made in SRB factory before the war.


The only 3 differences in external look of this grenade from original yugoslavian M-75 made before the war by SRB can be seen above.
Original M-75 on the left side, and the croatian made copy on the right.

The external differences are:
-Yugoslavian original M-75 and croatian copy of M-75 have different steel spoon of the fuze (croatian is different in shape and width). Croatian copy of M-75 has bigger spoon in width for 2 milimeters, therefore it will not fit in yugoslavian M-75 transport can.

-Yugoslavian original M-75 has four numbers imprinted with yellow colour on the grenade body, croatian made copy of M75 doesn't have that.

-Yugoslavian original M-75 has four numbers imprinted with black colour on the top of the lever, croatian made copy of M-75 don't have those black numbers.