This grenade was made in Croatia at the end of 1991. The mould for this grenade was made in the factory BIS (BRODOGRAĐEVNA INDUSTRIJA SPLIT) in Split, Croatia. This was the same factory which had been producing ŠKVERANKA grenades, and after,the production has been moved to CETINKA factory in Trilj, Croatia.

The grenade existed with 3 different types of markings on its body, which was consequence of using 3 different moulds for this grenade from 1991-1993.

The first type of the mould for this grenade was made in BIS factory using the M-75 grenade confiscated from one of the Yugoslavian people's army military bases in Split in 1991. Markings of its manufacturer (SRB) were removed in the mould, so CETINKA grenades had just cyrillic markings "BR M-75" on the body, which remained untouched from the original.

Photo on the right shows 3rd type; full name cetinka on the side, other side marked CT-91.

The second type of the mould for CETINKA grenade was made in CETINKA factory after the production was moved from BIS factory, and it was with both markings on the grenade body completely removed.
The third type of the mould had markings of manufacturer (CETINKA) and the name of the grenade. This was also the last type of the mould used for making this grenade.

Total length : 89 mm
Diameter : 57 mm
Weight : 355 grams
Filling : 38 grams of plastic explosive (probably Vitezit V20)
Fuze delay : 3,5-4,5 seconds

The external difference between first and other two types of this grenade was just the markings bowed at the grenade body and in the safety pin.
The safety pin for the first type of CETINKA grenade was steel, not protected against rust, but on other two types it was shorter and protected from rusting by cadmium plating (the same protection as on the spoon of this grenade.
The grenade was one of the croatian copies of yugoslavian
M-75 grenades. It was filled with unknown type of plastic explosive (probably Vitezit V20).
The detonator for the first type of CETINKA grenade was made using combination of plastic and metal parts. Upper part of the detonator was plastic tube for screwing into the body of the fuze, and the aluminium detonator No.8 was glued on its bottom side. This grenade was produced in large quantities from 1991 for Croatian army.


This grenade was produced in Croatia, part of the Cetinka-family.
This particular one on the photos has only CT-91 marked on one side, the other side has no text.

Total length : 89mm
Diameter : 57mm
Weight : 355gram
Filling : 38gram Nitropenta
Fuze delay : 3.5 - 4.5 seconds

Photos right and below © Josip.