This improvised grenade was locally made in 1991 in a small village near town Imotski,Croatia.
It was made from empty plastic containers for croatian produced powder juice "Cedevita".
The croatian army in the town of Imotski in 1991 had large amounts of useless large caliber artillery shells confiscated from ex-Yugoslavian military bases.
But they needed grenades,so a group of croatian soldiers and engineers from one small private workshop decided to use TNT from that artillery shells for producing improvised grenades.The explosive from confiscated artillery shells was steamed out and re-used as grenade-filling.

Photos and info © Goran.

Scrap metal(screws,screw nuts,pieces of wire,nails..) was added to the cast TNT, for fragmentation. The fuze was slow-burning pyrotechnical fuze with attached detonator No. 8 on it's bottom side. After the detonator with slow-burning fuze was set up in the prepared hole in the centre of TNT filler, the triangular hole was cutted with the knife on the side of the grenade's top. That triangular hole was made that flame from the lighter or cigarette could be easily got through it and burn the slow-burning pyrotechnical fuze. That protective wax cover was put to protect the TNT filler and the detonator from damp. It was primitive water protective cover, but very effective.
These improvised grenades were produced only at the beginning of 1991 for Croatian army. Small numbers were produced, around a couple of hundreds.

Total length : 122 mm
Diameter : 64 mm
Weight :
Filling : around 100-150 grams of cast TNT mixed with small metal waste for better fragmentation
Material : plastic
Type of the fuze : pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze with detonator No. 8
Fuze delay : 4-5 seconds