Length: 115mm , diameter: 65mm.
Filling: 65 g PEP-500 Plastic Explosives

This grenade was made in Croatia by "ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ" Slavonski Brod, for the Croatian Armed Forces. It existed in three types: RB-M92 ; RB-M92 AL ; RB-M92 ALNS.

Photo right : BRON 1

Photos below © Josip.


In other documentation, I've found three different names besides the ones mentioned in the text above.
Names mentioned differently are BRON, BRON1 and BRON2.
Filling could be the following : TNT, Nitropenta or Ammonal,
Data that came with these names : (length, diameter, weight, filling)

BRON: 105mm/60mm/760gram/50gram
BRON1: 100mm/65mm/750gram/50gram
BRON2: 112mm/60mm/750gram/50gram

Below: photo © Cory.

He has this "BRON2" in his collection.