This Croatian grenade was made during the civil war in ex-Yugoslavia.
It was produced by a small private factory in city of Slavonski Brod.
It is very similar to
RB BRON, but this is a more primitive and simplified type.
This grenade was made in two types; a brass body type and iron body type.
At the start of the conflict the grenade was fitted with a slow-burning pyrotechnic fuze and a detonator.
Later production was fitted with fuzes from practice
M-75 grenade, with an improvised detonator.
The bodies had no screw-threads , the fuze was just glued in the body of the grenade.

Total length : 102 mm
Diameter : 56 mm
Weight : unknown
Filling : 60 gram of Vitezit or Amonal
Fuze delay : 3,5-4,5 seconds
Material : brass or rarely iron