This grenade was made at the beginning of 1991 in the factory TOMO VINKOVIĆ in the city of Bjelovar, Croatia.
The grenade was made using the mould made in the factory RAPID in Virovitica therefore the handgrenade BJELOVARKA was similar in shape and dimensions as handgrenades
BJELOVARKA grenade existed in two types: early- and late type.

-early type(BJELOVARKA 1) was the same as
RAPIDOVKA grenade.
The only difference was that BJELOVARKA was painted in matt black colour and plastic explosive was used as an explosive filler instead of Vitezit.

-late type(BJELOVARKA 2) was the same as
RAPIDOVKA 3 grenade.It was equipped with an improvised fuze made of practice yugoslavian fuze for VBR M75 grenade with croatian made improvised detonator. This grenade was also painted in matt black colour as BJELOVARKA 1

Information thanks to Goran.

photos will follow