This grenade was found by an EOD technician in 1996 in an empty house which was on croatian territory but occupied by serbs during the war from 1991-1995.
It would be logical to assume that it was made by serbs in croatian occupied territory, but serbs (on croatian occupied territory) almost never made such improvisations. They had large amounts of ex-Yugoslavian people's army grenades on that occupied territory, so there was no need for such war-made grenades. Probably it was croatian made grenade from 1991, confiscated by serbian soldiers after occupation of that croatian territory in 1991.
Also it has a fuse mechanism made very similar in function as other croatian made grenades from 1991.

The grenade was filled with TNT, and the fuze is made of brass, processed on a lathe. It is some kind of percussion fuze with a small piece of pyrotechnical slow-burning fuze used as delay.The grenade is made of cast steel and it is very heavy.
The fuze still has remains of olive-drab colour on it, which is obvious to be the original colour. The body of the grenade has also remains of this colour.

Total length : 110 mm
Diameter : 62 mm
Material : cast iron
Weight :
Filling : around 100 grams of TNT

All photos and info © Goran.

Some more information came from Josip, who encountered this grenade in the period of 1992-1993.
According to his info the grenade was produced in north-Bosnia or in occupied Croatia, possibly near Petrinja.
Weight is around 550-600gram and it explodes very powerfull, but fragmentation is poor because of the brittle cast iron.
Wall thickness of 8 to 10mm.

For now, I keep its name to "ŽARULJA", which means "lightbulb".
Can anyone provide more info on this unknown type?
Please let me know: