See Russian RG-42 for information.

Total length : 130mm
Diameter : 56mm
Weight : 500gram
Filling : 120gram TNT (cast)
Fuze delay : 3 - 4 seconds

Cory has quite a collection of the RG42 family and noticed that the Bulgarian is a bit taller then the other manufactering countries. His photos show a 1953 model.

Photos Cory.

RG-42 IM
Practice version of the grenade shown below.
It had a replaceable blackpowder fuze on a multiple use body.

Length w/fuze : 130mm
Length w/o fuze : 90mm
Diameter : 60mm

The photo on the right shows a black version © Cory.

Photos Craig.

Red training grenade

The photos show an inert red training RG-42.
The following data comes with this grenade :

Height w/fuze : 85 mm
Height w/o fuze : 126 mm
Diameter : 55 mm
Weight : 415 gram

Photos and info Geert.