Type 98-A

This Japanese stickgrenade worked exactly the same as the german stick from WW2. It had a safetycap on the base of the stick which had to be unscrewed to reveal the pull string. When pulled, it ignited the delay of about 4 seconds. The grenade body was made of thick steel and was fixed to the wooden stick by screws. Shown below on the left are 2 slightly different types.

Scans right and below thanks to Dr. Ruby.

Photos © John.

Pull fuze

Shown on the right is an original pull fuze for both Types 98.
It is made of a paper body with friction compound and a piece of safety fuse.
There used to be a detonator crimped onto that safetyfuse.

Photo © Dr. Ruby.

Type 98-B

Type 98B was almost the same as the "A" model, but used the grenade body which was also used for the
Taisho7 and the Type 43.
Same pull fuze was used as shown above.