This teargas grenade was originally designed for use as a riflegrenade.
The top accepts "Striker Mechanism No.6 Mk1". The base has the same shap as the
Detonator No.99 was used and therefore small shrapnell came of this gasgrenade.
To turn it into a riflegrenade, the normal fuze was discarded and "Tail Unit No.2 Mk1" was fitted.
This had the same fuze as the
No.85 Mk1 riflegrenade.

Total length :
Diameter :
Weight :
Filling : PN501 (B2)

This grenade was used between 1945 and 1957.
From 1948 it was no longer in use as a riflegrenade.

Photo above right © Tony.

Photo on the right © Dave Sampson.

Photo below © Norman Bonney.