"Gammon bomb"

This grenade consisted of an No247 impact fuze fitted on a steel collar.
A cloth "bag" with an elastic open base was fixed to the collar.
A detonator had to be placed by the user, by unscrewing the small booster charge inside the collar.
As grenades were often used against armoured vehicles they had to be thrown from short distance.
This caused duds as the safety tape had not enough "flight" to release the safetypin.
Modified fuzes were used later during the war, and had a shortened tape. These had the safetycap marked red on top.

Length: 127mm , Diameter: 102mm. Weight (filled): 1135gram.
Filling: 680gram Plastic Explosives. Fuze:

Photos © Dave Sampson.

The two photos below show a relic booster charge with detonator for the No.82 grenade.
These should be handled with care as detonators carry the most sensitive explosive filler.

Two more pics of a relic booster and detonator :