A.W Bomb / S.I.P grenade.

The No.76 is a glass smoke/incendiary grenade , developed for the "Northover projector".
It could also be used as a handgrenade.
The body was filled with a mixture of WP, petrol and rubber.
The WP filling would ignite on impact, the petrol and rubber intensified the fire creating a thick white smoke.

Length: 153mm , Diameter: 64mm. Weight: 539gram.
Filling: 128cc WP mixture, 21cc water, 110cc petrol and a piece of rubber(89mmx6mm).

Left photo below Norman Bonney.

Photo on the right © Siegfreid.

It shows the rubber drill version.

Transported in a wooden case :

The photo below shows the enamel plate that was fitted on the inside of the case in which these S.I.P grenades were transported.