Grenade Hand Distraction, Practice

L108A1 '6-BANG'

Height w/fuze : 110 mm
Height w/o fuze : 99 mm
Diameter : 40 mm
Total weight : 535 gr
Weight w/o fuze-assembly : 480 gr

All photos and info © Geert.

Information from the manufacturers website (NICO / Rheinmetall) :

To assist Government law enforcement agencies who have to cope with civil unrest in the form of armed offenders, hostages and riot situations, Rheinmetall Weapon Munition division has developed a range of effective Sound and Flash stun and distraction products. Bodies containing blinding flashes and near deafening sounds temporarily neutralise and disorient persons.

The canister of this variant contains six (6) individual effects each with an extremely bright flash and a near deafning sound. On initiation the effects are ejected from the canister with a tumbling action, then at short random intervals they produce blinding flashes and loud reports. Persons in the near vicinity are momentarily disoriented and distracted allowing authorities to seize the initiative and diffuse dangerous situations. The grenade does not cause permanent physiological damage.

L108A2 '6-BANG'

The improvement on the A2 version of the L108 is a 'removable' fuze-assembly, and a slightly altered safety-pin

Height w/fuze : 120 mm
Height w/o fuze : 100 mm
Diameter : 40 mm
Total weight : 545 gr
Weight w/o fuze-assembly : 450 gr