The OffensivHandgranate 32 was patented and developed by a Hungarian Metal- and Lampfactory in Budapest-Köbanya.

In Switzerland, this grenade was improved and tested by the MunitionsFabrik Thun.
None of the grenades of the "32"model were officially adopted for use.
Test in Switzerland were made in the 1931-1938 period.
Two different sizes are know to all the grenades of the 32-family, a long and a short model.
The short model was tested between 1935 and 1938.

Lenght : 90mm (long) or 82mm (short)
Diameter: 51mm.
Colour: yellow

The OHG32 had a sheet steel body.

The inert throwing dummy of both DHG and OHG are the same, and is called Blinde HG 32.
It is similar in size, and the body colour is red-white-red.