White body with yellow band around the neck. Markings are in black.

Length: 97mm
Diameter: 65mm
Weight: 465gram including 155gram RDX/TNT

All HG85 (and L109 and the Nr330) were produced in Altdorf Switzerland.
Until 2005 the grenade body was produced in Altdorf.
The filling, the final assembly and the packing was also done in Altdorf.
The fuze was produced in Thun as a licence from Diehl.

The 2005 flood destroyed the body-line. Now the bodies are produced in Slovenia.
Surface treatment, filling, the final assembly and the packing are still done in Altdorf.
The fuzes are now from Diehl.

The bodies (beside marking and colour) and the filling are the same for all grenades.
The fuze is basically the same. The obvious difference to the standard DM 82 is the
spoon type lever. (With the standard lever it is possible to hook into the ring of the safety pin of another grenade and tear it out.)
Safety clips are only on the
L109 and Nr330.

The photo on the right shows a Demonstration version.
Click on the image for info.

Photos © W. Schumann.

Practice version, called EUHG-85.
Explosiv Übungs Hand Granate- explosive practice hand grenade
Black body with yellow band around the neck.
Markings are in white.

Length: 97mm , diameter: 65mm.
Weight: 430gram Filling: 135gram TNT!!!

Drawing on the right shows a EUHG85 that failed to explode.

Yes it is a practice grenade, but it has a charge almost as big as the "live" version.
Not the firework you normally see with practice charges, but an actual detonation.

A fully inert throwing dummy was used as well.

Photo © Cory.

The pages below are scanned by Didi.

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