Sheet metal grenade body, with an internal fragmentation coil.
The friction-delay igniter which fitted this grenade was the German BZ24, in combination with detonator No.8
15 grenades were packed in wooden crate, detonators and igniters packed seperately in the same box.

Photo on the right © K. Kamperman.
This one is made of zinc and has a tin-wire fragmentation liner. Its charge was flaked TNT.

Total length : 151mm
Body length : 106mm
Diameter : 59mm
Weight :
Filling : ?gram flaked TNT

During occupation, the German army took this grenade into their inventory and named it "Büchsenhandgranate M42 (n)".
Grenades were manufactured with these German markings.

Shown below is an original case made under German authority.
It carries the description on the outside of the lid, with the instruction on how to use it on the inside.

Photos © Eric.