The No3 was an offensive grenade, made of thin (0.3mm) sheet steel.
It had the same pull-friction fuze as the No1.
Early types have a gold-yellow finish , after 1937 they were issued painted green.

Weight 215gram including 120gram Trotyl.

When Holland was occupied in 1940, the germans took over the remaining dutch stock.

photo M.Jochoms

The photo on the right shows the early model with the goldish paint. This one has a black marking indicating that it has a reduced charge.


Photo below © Edwin Elderhorst.

No3A throwing practice, early type :

The throwing practice No.3B on the photo below was made of wood, painted red.
It had a piece of lead in the body, to give it the proper weight.

Left photo origin unknown, the right photo © B. Bosman.