Francesco di Fraia had the following information and photos of the Italian OD/82 (Offensiva-Difensiva).
The factory who made it was "La Precisa - Teano Spa" (now closed).
There are two types: OD/82-HE (live) and OD/82-E-1 (practice).
The practice version is reusable.
The production was stopped due to some dangerous malfunctions...

Live grenade:
Length: 83mm, Diameter: 59mm
Weight: 285gram including 112gr Comp. B
Delay: 4seconds (if you are lucky...)

The photos below show the first model on the left, the right model has some improvements.



Francesco di Fraia wrote:
"During my army service I've thrown a lot of OD82; one of these exploded immediatly when thrown from behind the concrete wall !! Now I've a little scar 1 cm down my left eye....!!!! "

and it is not the end...

when the Army noticed the problems (3 soldiers killed, a lot of wounded) they drawed back the grenades and charged the "S.M.M.T. - Baiano di Spoleto" (an army arsenal) to keep safe the OD82 with some improvements.
The new version OD/82-SE, see the upper right photo on this page.
As you can see there is a difference on the top of the lever (an extra retain for the pin) and a different delay train.
During that improvement , an accidental explosion of some OD82, primed a giga-explosion which destroyed part of the arsenal !!! (10 April 2005). The area is marked as shown on the right.

The grenades marked "SE" have the improved safety, "SE" stands for "SICUREZZA ELEVATA"


On the right photo:

The left grenade is like the OD/82-E-1 trainer shown above, the right trainer is the first type that was produced.
It had holes in the grenade body as you can see on the photo.

Info and photo thanks to Francesco Zanardi.