At the end of WW2 the German army used several improvised grenades. This stickgrenade was one of them.
The body was made of concrete, mixed with steel fragments. It carried about 50 gram of explosives and had a pull fuze screwed in the base. The wooden stick was inserted together with the charge and was fixed with a nail which was embedded in the concrete. Grenades like these were mostly used on the battlefields in the east (Berlin, Halbe, western Poland).

Photos below © Cory.

Photo below Nick Jeans

Other improvisations of stickgrenades are known, a lot of them are made of shrapnell-mixed concrete. The photo below shows other types of improvised sticks. They appear to be made of ordinary tin cans, probably filled with concrete too.

See the photo on the right and the ones below. This is a really nicely preserved variation.
The charge seems to be cast right into the concrete, which is poored in a metal jacket, prbably for more fragmentation.

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