Since 1943, a new model stickgrenade was issued.
The model24 was re-designed to save on material.
It fitted the egg grenade fuze on top of the body, and so the stick needed no drilling for a pull cord.
The stick was screwed to the head by means of a pressed steel adapter, fitted to the stick.
Like the model 24, this grenade could be used with a fragmentation sleeve.

Length w/fuze : 345mm
Length w/o fuze : 333mm
Diameter: 67mm.

Weight : 480gr.
Filling : 165g Fp02 or Donarit.
Fuze :
B.Z.E or BZ40, with detonator No8.

Packed in metal or wooden cases of 15 grenades with the igniters and detonators packed seperately within the case.

Connector differences :

On the right : this way the stick was threaded to fit the head.
If anyone can spare me this threaded connector, please
mail me.


The two photos below © B. Bosma

The frag sleeve below is one I have myself.