All photos donated by the Aberdeen Ordnance Museum

The photos below show different versions of the SIGNALBOMBE ,sternbündel.
A green, red, and white version.
All three measuring 222.25 mm x 114.30 mm

The photo on the right shows the box in which the white bomb was packed.
All property of the Aberdeen Ordnance Museum.

Instructions on box :


Bruno provided the wonderful photos right and below.
This is the wooden transport-case for one "Signalbombe mit Blitz", dated Octover 1940.


I recieved the two scans shown below from Gilles. Thanks!
These are two pages from a French magazine from years ago in which these bombs were described. Written by J.P. Chantrain.

Apparently they are meant to be used on Airfields for signalling aircraft in case of bad visibility.
They were launched from a 125mm cardboard mortar tube, fitted on a metal plate which had a spike on the base to fix it on the ground. The inside of the tube was fitted with a hard-wood base.
A Signalbombe was placed in the tube, cone (propelling charge) first.
The friction fuze initiated the propelling charge, and also the time fuze for the bomb itself was started when launched.


From the photos that I have together with the scanned documents, there appeared to have been the following types of bombs :

Signalbombe einzelstern (single star)

Signalbombe doppelstern (double star)

Signalbombe sternbündel (multiple star)

Signalbombe mit blitz (flash), weight: 950gram, electric fuze

Rauchstrichbombe (smoke trail), weight: 500gram

Ortungsleuchtzeichen (navigation)


All the signalbomb-types can be found in the colours red, white, green or yellow.

The Rauchstrichbombe existed in blue and green smoke. It reached some 180meters height and came down leaving a smoke trail visible. Smoke was emitted for 6-8seconds. With normal clear visibility, the smoke could be seen from some 1.5km distance.

The Ortungsleuchtzeichen was for navigation on airfields to help pilots landing their aircraft in bad wheather conditions or at night.

A good comment came from Preben, as he noticed some pages on these bombs in the German HeeresDienstVorschift 409.
It is called `Leucht, Signal und Schallmittel`, and is from 1941.
See the pages below. The full manual can be downloaded