Text copied from Bulletin#59 german hand- & riflegrenades, Mar.7 1944 :

Description: This is a thin-cased "offensive" grenade with the B.Z.E friction igniter screwed into the top. The body of this grenade is an aluminium cylinder painted yellow. There are two models of this grenade, one being 3-5/8" in length and the other 4"in length. This grenade may also be used as a booby trap by the insertion of a D.Z.35 Pressure Igniter.

Operation: The head of the igniter is unscrewed and pulled thus drawing the wire through the friction composition and igniting the delay pellet. The grenade is then thrown and after a 4-5second delay, the delay element will initiate the detonator.

This Bulletin speaks of a High Explosive grenade, but it seems this was a smoke grenade, likely the "LandungsRauchzeichen" or something similar.

Remains of a Landungsrauchzeichen :