Lex' wooden dummies :

And the ones I have in my own collection :
photo will come

Steve's photos :

This is one in the collection of Steve, no markings.

Goran's photo :

Here is one photographed by Goran : It is completly made from the wood, in two parts, one part is the body of the grenade which is painted in standard german "panzergrau" ww2 colour, and the other part is wooden stick handle. They are fixed together with two small steel nails.
The wooden stick handle has a hole about 10 cm in deep, and 15 mm in diameter, but the metal end cap and inert fuze mechanism are missing.

Lenght : 355mm , Diameter : 55mm
Weight : unknown , Material : wood with metal cap.

WW2 photo :

B/W image made in ww2 by US Intelligence.
One of many.


Another practice stickgrenade with a lot of markings, but what do they say?

DOV 40 = Waffenwerke Brünn, Werk Wsetin (thanks Tom)


The three photos below are (i believe) photographed in the Dutch airforce-eod collection :