An absolut wonderful version of the early German ball grenade. Army designation was "Khgr. Uz".
This had a clockwork delay fuze which was activated by pulling the blocking pin on top.
Pulling this releases the clockwork which would initiate the primer after a few seconds.

Both sketches were provided by Dimitar.
The grenade was designed by Feuerwerker Machenbach.

All photos © B. Bosman.

The names and numbers below are the translations of the parts mentioned in the drawing next to the text. Translated by Dimitar. Thanks!

1- safety device with pull ring (2)
3- safety pin with spring
4- clock-type mechanism
5- cast iron body
6- unlocking lever
7- striker
8- percussion cap
9- detonator
10- fuze-housing
11- pressed TNT
12- cast TNT