Text copied from Bulletin#59 german hand- & riflegrenades, Mar.7 1944 :
Data: Overall length: 5.7inches, Total weight: 8ozs., Weight w/o leaflets: 7ozs., Delay: 9seconds, Range: 500yards.

Description: This grenade is fired from the rifled 3cm. discharger cup (Schiessbecher) which can be fitted to most types of German rifles. The body of this grenade is a steel case with a pre-rifled base. Inside the base there is a 9-second delay fuze and an ejecting charge for the pamphlets. Two steel leaflet packing covers are held loosely inside the case and fitting over the top of these is a removable steel cap. The leaflets are inserted by removing the steel cap and rolling the leaflets tightly making sure that they do not show above the rim of the case. The cap is then replaced.

The case and cap are varnished to protect them from rust and the ejecting charge is protected by a cardboard disc to prevent moisture from causing deterioration.

The propelling cartridge is distinguished from other rifle grenade cartridges by a red ring around the base.

Operation: When the grenade is fired the propelling charge will ignite the delay fuze. Approximately 9 seconds after discharge, the delay fuze will set off the ejecting charge, blowing off the cap and forcing the leaflets out of the nose.

Photo below © EODKLu, NL

Length : 147mm
Diameter : 30mm
Empty weight : 164gram

Photo above © Patrick

Photo below © Siegfreid.