smooth & fragmented type

The 1917 egg grenade existed in 2 types. Both were made of cast iron.
The first model was completely smooth, the second type had a fragmented ring over the side of the body.

Grenades were transported with a plug in the top and had the fuzes packed seperately in the crate. Several types of fuzes were used on these grenades, pull-friction and a pull-percussion fuze.

Length (body only) : 60mm
Diameter smooth type : 44mm
Diameter w/ frag ring : 51mm
Weight :
Filling :

Total length with brass pull fuze : 94mm
Total length with zinc pull fuze : 92mm or 99mm (two versions)
Total length with pull fuze "first type" : 103mm (see pic below)
Total length with pull fuze "second type" :

with pull fuze, 1st type

with pull fuze 2nd type

Practice grenades :

The Übung-type shown below had four emission holes drilled in the base, and an altered fuze with a small blackpowder charge.
On the photo, the right fuze is for the "live" version.

The grenade shown on the right , like the Kugel1913 Practice, uses the dummy fuze for throwing practice.