Description copied from Bulletin#59 german hand- & riflegrenades, Mar.7 1944 :

Data: Overall length: 4.8inches, Maximum diameter: 2½inches, Total weight: 17ozs., Filling & filling weight: Outer flask: 270grams titanium tetrachloride , Inner flask: 36grams aqueous solution of calcium chloride.

Description: The grenade consists of an outer glass bulb of molded construction and an inner glass tube which seats and is sealed on the neck of the outer flask. There is a white plastic washer at the junction. The grenade is sealed by a sulphur and cement plug. The solution of calcium chloride is supplied in the inner to to provide water necessary for the reaction so that the grenade will cause an effective smoke at conditions of low relative humidity. The calcium chloride has probably been added to lower the freezing point of the water. Thus the grenade is practical in a cold dry climate.

Operation: The grenade is thrown and upon impact with a hard object it breaks causing a smoke. It is for use to blind the enemy and also to repair gaps in larger screens.

The type shown below is the one that appears to be used the most frequent.
The bakelite collar holds the inner- and outer body together.

Below: Unknown version of the Blendkörper, possibly not German. Maybe a fake?
Photos © Emile.